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History Studio International is a boutique firm that provides award-winning experts to advise and consult on creative productions of all types. We offer a wide range of services at all stages of a project evolution, from research and story conception to authenticity reviews and on set-advising.

Our division BOOK STUDIO is dedicated to providing expert reviews of book manuscripts, for cultural sensitivity and authenticity.

History Studio is a FEMALE-FOUNDED, fully diverse company, headquartered in Los Angeles with partners and experts around the world – from the UK to the United States.



History Studio provides creative professionals with the research needed to make every project as gripping, powerful, and accurate as it can be. No question is too big or too small for our team of award-winning experts. History Studio handles any research question, drawing on our training to mine archives, libraries, and other resources available only to credentialed academics.  We ensure our research is based on the most cutting-edge, reputable material out there.

History Studio experts have access to reams of untapped material and riveting untold stories from the past and present. As scholars we are immersed in these narratives and pull our clients into this rich world of story ideas, unknown to Hollywood and beyond. Clients tell us what subject, genre, period and/or type of content they are interested in, and we identify source material and story ideas.

Every project needs to appeal to as wide an audience as possible and not unwittingly invite bad reviews for its portrayal of certain characters or controversial events, and lead to an unexpected Twittterstorm.  Are characters portrayed as authentically and sensitively as they need to be? Are depictions of groups or individuals in line with how those groups or individuals would represent themselves?   Are certain characters developed more fully than others, based on unwitting racial or gender blind spots?  Is a controversial event considered from multiple vantage points?

History Studio is committed to bringing its multi-racial, international perspective to every project review.  Cultural sensitivity reviews are always conducted by a team of experts, headed by a History Studio partner.  We vet for representations of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual identity, disability, and other areas of concern to our clients.  Our team provides both a fully annotated line edit of the script / manuscript, including detailed comments and suggestions, as well as a final report that synthesizes the team’s overall assessment of the project.

Drawing on our vast network of experts and subject specialists from around the globe, History Studio identifies and vets on-air talent.  We ensure productions feature the most relevant and reputable voices in the field.

Authenticity reviews are always conducted by a team of experts, headed by a History Studio partner. Our team vets for authenticity and accuracy. We review every detail, while also assessing the project’s overall context and cultural representation. Our authenticity reviews include two work products: a fully annotated script / manuscript, with detailed comments and suggestions, and a report that synthesizes the team’s overall assessment of the project.

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