Project Scouting and Development

Theater is indeed the place to bring rich stories to life. History Studio is uniquely placed to connect you with the exact stories that could be rendered particularly well on the stage. We have critical connections to a vast network of scholars working on book-length and article treatments of incredible events, both historical and contemporary, and History Studio partners are a regular presence as the most important conferences around the country where this work is presented. History Studio also has its own rich database of exciting events and powerful stories that have never been rendered on the stage. History Studio is the industry hub for fresh project ideas that are timely and will move audiences from Broadway to the West End of London to community theater. Let us help you to adapt powerful stories for theater audiences.

History Studio is the industry hub for fresh project ideas that are timely and will move audiences from Broadway to the West End of London to community theater. Let us help you to adapt powerful stories for theater audiences

Storyline Development

Your theater has just decided to produce a play on a particular person or event that you know will grip audiences, but what exactly is the story you’ll be telling? Maybe the play will be based on an optioned book, but is it enough to duplicate its treatment of that event or person? History Studio is here to help you create a story line that draws from myriad sources on the person or event you’re bringing to life on screen. Our researchers comb through additional documents and sources to suggest to your creative team the most powerful moments and memorable characters that might be included in your production. Whether you need a comprehensive timeline, dossier, or analysis of the real-life historical or contemporary events and figures, or a simple fact check of any situation or individual in your story, our team gives you the most reputable, cutting-edge research out there. We leave no stone unturned, scouring all relevant books, memoirs, photographs, archival documents and interviews. We do the digging, freeing you up to focus on bringing your story to life as soon as the curtain goes up.

Scene Authenticity Review

Beyond legal vetting, History Studio offers another invaluable pre-production service to your theater company. Just as it is important for a film or show to be protected, it also needs to resonate with its intended audiences. Are the scenarios you will present on stage historically logical and believable? Our expertise ensures you’ll get the most legitimate sources out there to render your scene historically accurate. Whether your project needs to recreate a rural town in Wyoming in 1877, or a Japanese city in 1940, or the bedroom of Louis XIV, or any other time and place near or far, History Studio helps you render your production both authentic and visually gripping. Our history and art history research experts can help you answer questions as simple as “what kind of typewriter did a secretary use in 1932” or “what sort of food did people eat at the time of the Russian Revolution in the Winter Palace?” or “what local stores were near the epicenter of the Watts Riot of 1965.” And we can answer questions far more complicated such as “What were the most important issues argued during the Nuremburg Trials” or “what was the general mood in suburban Chicago when violence broke out at the Democratic National Convention in 1968?” or “what sort of birth control did women rely on in the 1950s?” Reviewing drafts of scripts, or serving on-set as a research consultant, no question about scene authenticity is too small or too large for the research team at History Studio.

Cultural Sensitivity Review

In addition to scenario and scene believability, your play needs to appeal to as wide an audience as possible and not unwittingly invite bad reviews for it portrayal of certain characters or controversial events. Are your characters portrayed as authentically and sensitively as they need to be? Is your depiction of groups or individuals in keeping with how those groups or individuals would represent themselves? Does your play unwittingly rely on type casting that might render it a far less believable to diverse audiences? Do some of the characters in your play have more development than others, based on unwitting racial or gender blind spots? Is your portrayal of a particularly controversial event careful to consider it from multiple vantage points and to make even the villains in the story complicated rather than resort to stereotyping? Our team at History Studio is committed to bringing its multi-racial, international perspective and sensitivity to historical and cultural context to your stage productions. Your play will be not only historically authentic, but it will resonate with the broadest audiences possible.

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