History Studio is a one-of-a-kind boutique firm providing research and helping with project development for film, television, books, podcasts, theater, and gaming. Our award-winning historians and writers give you the insider edge on exciting and timely new content, we research and develop gripping stories, and ensure that your projects are authentic, accurate, and culturally sensitive.

Heather Ann Thompson Founding Partner
Becky Nicolaides Founding Partner
Caitlin Parker Partner
Jim Downs Partner
Brian Kovalesky Partner
Jung H. Pak Consulting Partner
Annie Powers Consulting Partner
Khalil Gibran Muhammad Consulting Partner

Media Advisory

Board Members

Shola Amoo, Award-winning Writer, Director
Tom Bernard, President, Sony Pictures Classics
Dustin Lance Black, Oscar-winning Screenwriter, Director
Sarah Burns,Award-winning Writer, Director
Tracy Boyd, Director, Writer, Producer
Christine Christopher, Emmy-winning Writer/Producer Blue Sky Project Films
Michael Eric Dyson, Award-winning Writer and Commentator
Keith Gionet, Creative Executive, Confluential Films
Mitchell Jackson, Award-winning Author
Piper Kerman, Author and Executive Consultant, Orange is the New Black
Lisa Lucas
, Director, National Book Foundation
Lynn Novick, Emmy/Peabody Award-winning Director
Viet Thanh Nguyen, Pulitzer Prize winning Author
Blythe Robe
, Television Writer and Production Team
Mike Robe, Director, Writer, Producer, Film and Television
Joe Shrapnel, Screenwriter Film and Television, Double Vision Entertainment, Ltd.
Keeanga Yamahtta Taylor, Award-winning author and commentator
Isabel Siskin
, Development Executive, Book Scout
Anna Waterhouse, Screenwriter, Producer, Director
Leslie Zemeckis, Actress, Writer, Documentarian

scholar Advisory

Board Members

Noelani Arista, McGill University
Monique Bedasse, Washington University in St. Louis
Lila Corwin Berman, Temple University
Paul Betts, Oxford University
David Blight,
Yale University
Robert Bothwell, University of Toronto
Catherine Clinton, University of Texas San Antonio
Karen Cox, University of North Carolina Charlotte
William Deverell, University of Southern California
Beshara Doumani, Brown University
Alexis Dudden
, University of Connecticut
Matthew Garcia, Dartmouth University
Sandy Grande, Connecticut College
Farah Jasmine Griffin, Columbia University
Christine Haynes, University of North Carolina Charlotte
Elizabeth Hinton, Harvard University
Darnell Hunt, UCLA
Kevin Kruse, Princeton University
Alex Lichtenstein, Indiana University
Lisa Lindsay, University of North Carolina
Muriel McClendon, UCLA
Tiya Miles, Harvard University
Tom Mullaney, Stanford University
Brandon Ogbunu, Brown University
Sergii Strelchuk, University of Cambridge

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