History Studio provides research and consulting services for advertisement agencies seeking to create advertisements that are innovative, effective, authentic, and culturally sensitive. Our experts can provide research about the history of the product being marketed or the period or events that product might be tied to in the advertisement’s narrative. We ensure that representations of people, places, and events are authentic and culturally inclusive. History Studio helps agencies produce gripping and powerful advertisements that appeal to the broadest market possible.


History Studio is committed to bringing its multi-racial, international perspective to every review. Cultural sensitivity reviews are always conducted by a team of experts, headed by a History Studio partner. We vet for representations of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual identity, disability, and other areas of concern to our clients. We also consider the cultural contexts that shape how the advertisement might be received by consumers and critics in various markets. We ensure that characters, settings, and narratives resonate with the broadest audience possible.


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