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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, if you don’t find the answers you are looking for here, please contact our team.

From the most basic research query to more complicated development projects, we will consult with you regarding your needs and create a proposal that ensures we are meeting your needs in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Although the entertainment industry has the very best scouts and agents out there to keep an eye open for exciting new content, History Studio offers something that they don’t. With History Studio researcher’s special access to the historical archives, as well as the work its experts also do writing on the top media stories of today, History Studio can provide gripping story ideas—from the past and present alike—long before scouts or agents learn of them via the buzz about a soon-to-be published book, or a new screenplay that happens to land on their desk. Tell us what sort of genre you are interested in, what sort of story you want to tell, and what sort of production you imagine, and we will find, and develop, the perfect storyline based on historic or particularly riveting contemporary events.

History Studio takes authenticity in representation seriously. Our research experts are trained to read carefully and critically to ensure that projects avoid stereotypes and inaccuracies. Our insights can help you enrich the portrayal of all characters in your story. 

History Studio helps you to go beyond the pages of a single book to enrich your story with additional relevant details, characters, scenes, and contextual themes. History Studio experts work, oftentimes alongside the author whose book has been optioned, to make sure the story you tell is as rich as it can be. History Studio also works directly with the writers as well as costume and production designers to bring the story you want to tell to life. 

With History Studio you get research experts who are trained at the best universities in the world, and also have decades of experience working with the entertainment industry to offer the answers you need in a highly-accessible format. Our experts can work with your in-house researchers to target their work more effectively, or we can do the work that your team might not be trained to do or have the time to do. We at History Studio have access to archives and databases closed to the public, and we know exactly who to consult to enrich your storyline, so let us tap the exact array of sources you need to answer your questions and make your production as gripping and authentic as it can be.

History Studio experts have all been trained at the world’s best universities, have the highest degrees possible in their fields, and have won myriad awards for research and writing excellence. Impeccable training and credentials ensure that you are getting the most thorough research and the highest standard of objectivity. Whether you hire History Studio to answer a simple question or to work on a larger project over the course of months, a team of experts will be dedicated to meeting your needs.  

Yes. At History Studio we ensure that one of our top experts is on every job we do, and if there is a specific History Studio expert that you think would be particularly suited for the job, we will do our best to make this happen.

Absolutely. We know that it can be daunting to approach an agent or a studio with your ideas. From helping you to take rough ideas and make them accessible to the entertainment industry, to connecting you with the perfect outlet for completed projects, History Studio is here for you.

An authentic and gripping screenplay is essential to any award-winning production and History Studio is here to help talented screenwriters create those. We provide you the background, the context, and key details that you need to do what you are so good at—the setting of powerful scenes and writing of great dialogue.

History Studio brings together the best historians in the world to ensure that the story you want to tell is as authentic, accurate, and rich as it can be. Our experts dig into the archives and the key primary source materials, including visual sources, that you really need to develop memorable characters and gripping storylines based on historical figures and events. Our researchers provide you with the historical background and key period details you need to bring your story to life and make it resonate deeply with audiences. 

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