Cultural Sensitivity Review

Every project needs to appeal to as wide an audience as possible and not unwittingly invite bad reviews for its portrayal of certain characters or controversial events, and lead to an unexpected Twittterstorm.  Are characters portrayed as authentically and sensitively as they need to be? Are depictions of groups or individuals in line with how those groups or individuals would represent themselves?   Are certain characters developed more fully than others, based on unwitting racial or gender blind spots?  Is a controversial event considered from multiple vantage points?  

History Studio is committed to bringing its multi-racial, international perspective to every project review.  Cultural sensitivity reviews are always conducted by a team of experts, headed by a History Studio partner.  We vet for representations of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual identity, disability, and other areas of concern to our clients.  Our team provides both a fully annotated line edit of the script / manuscript, including detailed comments and suggestions, as well as a final report that synthesizes the team’s overall assessment of the project.