Film and Television
Every day someone is pitching a project to your company. You may have scouts out in the field searching for the best new books or storylines. But did you know that some of the most exciting books being written are not represented by an agent or don’t yet have a publisher?
Games Industry
In the video game world, history represents a rich, vivid context for compelling storylines and characters—and it has for decades, from the original Oregon Trail PC game in the 1970s to newer releases set in medieval Europe or the Old West. Now that gaming is expanding on an ever-growing set of platforms, accurate historical context and narratives are more important than ever.
Your agency has just been tapped to come up with an innovative new ad campaign for a product that your client believes has much market-share yet to tap. All hands will be on deck to help make sure that the advertisement your team produces not only excites consumers, but also leads to a dramatic bump in sales for your client.
Every day in the news events happen that ordinary people are eager to learn more about. Podcasts, and particularly podcast series, have become one of the most interesting ways that audiences now connect to content as listeners.
Theatrical Productions
Theater is the place to bring rich stories to life. History Studio is uniquely placed to connect you with the exact stories that could be rendered particularly well on the stage. We have critical connections to a vast network of scholars working on book-length and article treatments of powerful events, both historical and contemporary.

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