One can't read the trades these days without noticing that, across various industries, there is a major race for gripping, powerful, and engaging content. Everyone is feeling that pressure to find the new films and series that viewers want to stream and binge watch from home, or the new games that players can lose themselves in for hours of play, or the timely news stories or current events that advertisers can tap into in order to reach consumers in utterly new ways.

We at History Studio are trained to find exactly those stories--both past and present--that make a production, a game or an ad, truly grab people. It turns out that the stories that hook people most immediately are ones that ring just a tad familiar ("I think I remember when that happened"....or "that reminds me of that show I just watched and loved"..."Oooh that sounds like the game I played all last year and loved"...), but then engage viewers, gamers, and consumers beyond their wildest expectations. And a film, or series, or game, or ad, can't just promise to be good, it has to BE good. It must have authentic drama, riveting storylines, complicated characters, and it must avoid cliches, simplistic dialogue, and all unwitting stereotypes.

Tell us the genre or subject matter you are interested in developing a series, game, or ad around, and we the stories you will want to run with. Tell us a show, or game, or ad you loved, or whose audience you would love to tap, we will give you a related, and yet totally originally and newly engaging story for you to develop.

When it comes to rich content--those unforgettable scripted and unscripted stories that get viewers, gamers, and consumers talking, History Studio is the gold standard.

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