Scene Setting and Character Development

A powerful screenplay is the basis of award-winning films and television productions. Whether you write for an existing television series, you’ve been asked to write a screenplay for a major motion picture, or you’re writing a screenplay you hope to get picked up by a studio or network, History Studio offers you invaluable assistance. Would you like to know exciting but still accurate details about one of the characters in your screenplay that you have based on a historical or living figure? Are you worried that maybe an action you ascribed to your character might need some corroboration? Do you wish you had some more background on the event you wish to base your screenplay on, but really don’t want to read everything on it? Tell our team of expert researchers what you need, and History Studio can give you what you need in a timely fashion, freeing you to write the gripping stories and dialogue. Not sure how to work this research help into your budget? Talk to your network about our retainer work, or talk to us about how we can work with you as an individual.

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