Your agency has just been tapped to come up with an innovative new ad campaign for a product that your client believes has much market-share yet to tap. All hands will be on deck to help make sure that the advertisement your team produces not only excites consumers, but also leads to a dramatic bump in sales for your client. To do that, advertisements must always feel authentic and they must never, unwittingly, turn off a potential buyer. History Studio is here to make sure that all of the ads your agency produces reach the broadest market possible, and do so in a way that makes every consumer feel respected and represented.

History Studio’s experts offer invaluable assistance to your creative as well as production team by being an additional and informed set of eyes on ad copy, scripts, and all potential visuals. On every page of copy, every line of a script, and with every image or piece of footage you give us, we consider the myriad elements that impact how well your advertisement will be received by consumers and critics alike—elements that too often are overlooked. History Studio ensures that the magic that happens when you advertise a product will ring true with everyone, everywhere.

Bringing History Studio on board means having someone on your team trained to ask vital questions such as:

  • Might an advertisement’s portrayal of a character or figure, or the dialogue given them in an ad, unwittingly strike viewers as in any way stereotypical, insensitive, or simply uninformed?
  • When seeking to market to consumers that herald from diverse communities, has the team author sufficiently familiarized itself with the traditions and values of that community and portrayed that community in such a way that rings true with not just the target market but other potential markets outside of that community as well?
  • Does your team know enough about the history of the product you wish to market, or the period or events you want to tie that product to, in order to render your ad most believably?
  • Will the scenarios upon which your ad is premised feel realistic or possible to a reader scientifically, or inclusive culturally?

But History Studio’s help doesn’t stop there...

Beyond offering close and careful assessments of all ad copy, ad scripts, and possible images and footage to might use, we also offers the tools that your team needs if it then wishes to reconsider its pitch to a client, or the premises of the planned ad. Our experts can give them, for example, the needed historical context of the story they wish to tell, or offer them essential cultural, political, or linguistic, background on the dialects they seek to reproduce, or point them to the cultural iconography they need to be aware of, or alert them to any contemporary or historic controversies they must navigate with the upmost care.

Our goal in doing all of this? To assist your agency produce the most gripping and powerful advertisements it can, and to make sure that your ads appeal to the broadest market possible. Your clients with be so impressed with the sophistication and sensitivity of your approach to selling their product. We are here for you.

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